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dpa-AFX International ProFeed is a comprehensive financial newswire with up to 2,000 news items per day. As a 24 hour news service it monitors all the major markets around the globe and provides comprehensive news coverage of US, European and Asian companies, stock and currency markets, specific commodities, economic data and events that impact local, national and global economies. Throughout the day dpa-AFX International ProFeed provides frequent and timely commentary and analysis on global markets. Breaking news is delivered via headlines and is followed up with more in-depth coverage, so providing clients with a proper balance of speed and analysis.

News for terminal solutions | intranets

The dpa-AFX International ProFeed service is sent directly to in-house systems or via customer terminal solutions offered by baha GmbH (Teletrader), FactSet GmbH, Infront Financial Technology GmbH etc. The real-time service can also be used on the internet as a news feed within closed user groups.


Developed by dpa-AFX, its categorization system allows a customer-specific adaptation of news content. The extensive metadata operations also provide comprehensive links to graphics, share prices, charts, videos etc.

Publishing times

24 hours, 7 days a week.


dpa-AFX International ProFeed provides every trading day the following daily schedule:

(Changes take account of the switch between summer and winter times as well as holidays. All times are based on standard times. ISO 4217 currency codes.)

00:30Forex intraday trading report NZD
01:10Forex intraday trading report GBP
01:00Outlook South Korean stock market
01:15Outlook Japan stock market
01:30Outlook Malaysia stock market
01:35Forex intraday trading report EUR
01:40Outlook Singapore stock market
01:50Forex intraday trading report JPY
02:05Japan’s Nikkei index opening flash
02:05South Korea’s Kospi opening flash
02:10Forex intraday trading report AUD
02:20Outlook Taiwan stock market
02:30Forex intraday trading report NZD
02:40Outlook China stock market
02:50Forex intraday trading report JPY
03:00Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 intraday flash
03:00Australia’s All Ordinaries index intraday flash
03:00New Zealand’s NZX 50 intraday flash
03:00New Zealand’s NZX All Capital Index intraday flash
03:05South Korea’s Kospi intraday flash
03:05Malaysia’s KLSE Composite opening flash
03:05Singapore’s Strait Times opening flash
03:05Japan’s Nikkei index intraday flash
03:05Malaysia’s KLSE opening flash
03:05South Korea’s Kospi opening flash
03:15Outlook Hong Kong stock market
03:30Hong Kong’s Hang Seng opening flash
03:30China’s SEE opening flash
03:30Forex intraday trading report EUR
03:40Australia stock market midday trading report
03:45Outlook Jakarta stock market
04:00Japan’s Nikkei index intraday report
04:10Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 intraday flash

Australia’s All Ordinaries index intraday flash

04:15New Zealand’s NZX 50 intraday flash
04:15New Zealand’s NZX All Capital Index intraday flash
04:15Outlook Thai stock market
04:15Malaysia’s KLSE intraday flash
04:15South Korea’s Kospi intraday flash
04:15Japan’s Nikkei index intraday flash
04:15China’s SEE intraday flash
04:30Forex intraday trading report SGD
04:45Forex intraday trading report HKD
05:00Forex intraday trading report MYR
05:15Outlook Indian stock market
05:20Forex intraday trading report NZD
05:30Forex intraday trading report CNY
05:30Forex intraday trading report TWD
05:30Asia markets summary
05:50Hong Kong’s Hang Seng intraday flash
05:55Forex intraday trading report GBP
06:00Daily Preview
06:15Forex intraday trading report INR
07:00Indian stock market intraday report
07:15Forex intraday trading report AUD
07:30Forex intraday trading report JPY
07:30Forex intraday trading report EUR
07:50Hong Kong’s Hang Seng intraday flash
08:00Germany’s X-DAX flash
08:10Forex intraday trading report USD
08:15EURpean Economics Preview
08:25EURpean Stocks Outlook
08:55dpa-AFX Overview: Analyst recommendations
08:55Forex intraday trading report EUR
09:05DAX opening flash
09:05TecDAX opening flash
09:05EURstoxx 50 opening flash
09:05Stoxx 50 opening flash
09:20Forex intraday trading report USD
09:30Forex intraday trading report CHF
10:00Forex intraday trading report GBP
10:05Hong Kong’s Hang Seng closing flash
10:45Forex intraday trading report CHF
10:45Forex intraday trading report USD
10:45Forex intraday trading report EUR
11:30Forex intraday trading report GBP
11:45Asia markets summary closing report
12:15German stock market intraday report
12:20Forex intraday trading report EUR
12:20Forex intraday trading report CHF
12:30Forex intraday trading report USD
12:30French stock market intraday report
12:30Outlook US stock market
12:45UK stock market intraday report
13:00Swiss stock market intraday report
13:15Forex intraday trading report INR
13:20Indian stock market closing report
13:30EURpean Stocks intraday report
14:30Forex intraday trading report EUR
14:55Outlook Canadian stock market
14:55Outlook US stock market
15:00US markets Outlook Commentary: review on world indices, events, headlines, news
15:20MARKET ANALYSIS: World and major markets at a glance
15:30M&A - A Weekly Recap (only Fridays)
15:35Nasdaq Composite opening flash
15:35Dow 30 opening flash
15:45Forex intraday trading report USD
15:55Forex intraday trading report EUR
16:00US stock markets intraday report
16:00US markets intraday Commentary: review on world indices, events, headlines, news
16:00Canadian stock Exchange intraday report
16:15Forex intraday trading report CHF
16:40OIL Report
17:00US stock markets intraday report
17:00US markets intraday Commentary: review on world indices, events, headlines, news
17:15Forex intraday trading report CAD
17:30Canadian stock Exchange intraday Commentary: review on world indices, events, headlines, news
17:30Forex intraday trading report NZD
17:30Forex intraday trading report AUD
17:35US Treasuries report
17:37Dax closing flash
17:37TecDAX closing flash
17:37STOXX 50 closing flash
17:37EURstoxx 50 closing flash
18:10EURpean Stocks closing report
18:15US markets intraday Commentary: review on world indices, events, headlines, news
18:15Swiss stock market closing report
18:30Forex intraday trading report EUR
18:45Forex intraday trading report CHF
18:45Forex intraday trading report CAD
20:15Forex intraday trading report EUR
20:15Forex intraday trading report CHF
20:20US stock markets intraday report
20:25US markets intraday Commentary: review on world indices, events, headlines, news
21:00Forex intraday trading report EUR
21:15OIL Report
21:35US Treasuries report
22:05Nasdaq Composite closing flash
22:05Dow 30 closing flash
22:11X-DAX closing flash
22:11F-DAX closing flash
22:25US stock markets closing report
22:30Forex intraday trading report NZD
22:30Forex intraday trading report AUD
22:35US markets closing Commentary: review on world indices, events, headlines, news
22:40Canadian stock Exchange intraday Commentary: review on world indices, events, headlines, news


  • 60-80 Forex reports daily
  • 30-100 Economy news, e.g. weekly, quarterly, monthly data from more than 50 countries
  • 60-80 Stock reports from over the world
  • Total: Up to 2,000 news per day

Real-time reporting content

  • dpa-AFX International ProFeed provides comprehensive corporate news coverage of companies ranging from Blue Chip to Small Cap. It includes reporting on up to 2,500 relevant companies on a regular basis from our team of skilled sector specialists and our correspondents around the globe.
  • Real-time news on all important US, Canadian and UK companies.
  • Complete coverage of important European Blue Chip companies.
  • Real-time news on Asian companies (especially China, India and Japan) which affect the European markets.
  • Full breadth coverage of Quarterly, Half Year and Full Year company results.
  • Exclusive interviews with Management board members.
  • Real-time news on Mergers and Acquisitions: from friendly mergers to hostile takeovers.
  • Full coverage of Stock Splits, Buybacks and Dividend announcements.
  • Real-time news on significant management changes.
  • Full coverage of the performance of IPO’s and new issues on the market.
  • All Ad Hoc disclosure notices via DGAP, EANS and GNW.
  • Our skilled and experienced market specialists and correspondents in bureaux around the world offer professional investors expert real-time coverage of comprehensive stock market news giving the reasons behind share price movements as they happen.
  • Full expert coverage of US equity news from our skilled and experienced specialists, with outlooks and scheduled daily reports.
  • Full coverage of all major European and Asian stock markets in summary reports throughout the day.
  • Reports on individual stock exchanges worldwide, e.g. Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Taiwan and the UK.
  • Stock alerts before the opening and throughout the day based on news and technical analysis identify sectors that are moving and help clients focus on areas of strength.
  • Our unique format Market Analysis starts the days coverage on the world’s major stock exchanges. These easy to read summaries allow investors and professional traders to save valuable time and obtain vital information at a glance.
  • Our headlines (up to 70 per day) give investors and brokers upgrades and downgrades on stocks often before the shares have had a chance to move.
  • Coverage of all relevant US and European brokerages and investment banks.
  • Summaries of the most influential recommendations throughout the day.
  • dpa-AFX journalists have access to the latest rumours on potential mergers and other events that might have an impact, this allows a chance for investors to react with alacrity.
  • dpa-AFX reveals what brokers and analysts think of a companies results, mergers and other breaking news which will have an influence on the stocks performance.
  • Pre market indications on relevant shares.
  • dpa-AFX International ProFeed provides economic indicators from 50 plus countries, with around the clock commentaries and interviews and analysis from widely followed economists, analysts and money managers.
  • Fast and accurate news on interest rate changes from our specialist reporters covering the US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank.
  • Real-time, comprehensive and accurate coverage of economic indicators from throughout Europe, the US and major centres in Asia.
  • Full global coverage of foreign exchange markets, with technical currency analysis, alerts and reports throughout the day from around the world (e.g. USD, EUR, GBP, YEN, CAD, CHF, NZD, SEK, AUD and INR).
  • Reports on Commodities such as oil (OPEC and IEA) and gold.
  • Full coverage of the US government bond markets.
  • Ratings on creditworthiness of countries (S&P, Moody’s, Fitch).
  • Data watches providing instant analysis of economic indicators like inflation and other market moving releases.
  • Outlooks on economic data giving market expectations.
  • Reports on meetings of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organisation and other international agencies.
  • Coverage of major government budgets and other fiscal news.
  • Reports on important government policy issues that will affect companies and financial markets.
  • Coverage of European Commission issues that will have an impact on the financial markets.
  • Coverage of competition policy and regulatory issues at an international level.
  • dpa-AFX International ProFeed provides up to the minute coverage of the most important »global events« and caters principally for the needs and interests of global investors.
  • Coverage of the most relevant political news and events that can impact the international financial markets, such as elections, government reshuffles, legislation etc.
  • dpa-AFX International ProFeed also keeps you informed about major sporting events (e.g. Olympics, World Cup etc.) and general news information on world events.
  • Calendars.
  • Summaries.
  • All items are coded with an in-depth coding structure that allows infinite manipulation of the in-coming data.

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