Real-time and near-time news

News Products Overview

dpa-AFX offers a wide range of financial news services.

Real-time news

Real-time news for financial market professionals:

To find out a little faster than others was always worth money - even when the pioneers of the news system sent carrier pigeons on their trips with market prices. This also applies in today's high-speed digital age. dpa-AFX reports in real-time on everything that moves the markets: including companies, stock markets and economic data from around the world. A range of financial professionals – from traders, asset managers and analysts through to bank managers – all use dpa-AFX services successfully.


With up to 1,300 news stories each trading day, dpa-AFX ProFeed is a comprehensive German-language real-time news feed. Its in-depth and detailed business and market coverage includes many features, such as background information, analytical and informed correspondent reports, forecasts, surveys, press reviews, calendars, and much more.

International ProFeed

dpa-AFX International ProFeed offers an extensive range of English-language real-time news stories with important global financial market events reported around the clock. The news feed includes up to 2,000 stories a day on companies, markets, business cycles as well as equity research, politics, sports and other miscellaneous subjects.

Near-time News

News for websites and intranet platforms

dpa-AFX's near-time news service is aimed at a wider audience. The service provides independent and reliable information for banking consultants through to private investors and those interested in finance and the economic developments. dpa-AFX near-time news can help web sites and intranet platforms increase their value.


With an average of about 250 stories a day, dpa-AFX Compact is the ideal basic service. It includes company news, stock trends, stock analysis and economic forecasts from all over the world. An extensive metadata structure means that news contents can be designed for customers.                            


International Compact

The English-language news service dpa-AFX International Compact publishes up to 300 near-time news reports every day. By using this news feed, you can keep your customers, employees and website visitors informed of all the latest and important developments in international financial markets. At the same time, the service increases the amount of time spent on your websites or intranet services as well as ensuring that they are up to date.

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