dpa-AFX Video Showcase

dpa-AFX videos provide the latest economic and financial news for websites, intranets and mobile equipment. In the Showcase, you find some examples to the formats produced by dpa-AFX.

dpa-AFX Video service spectrum

Each trading day, experienced business journalists produce video podcasts on the top issues from the economy, international stock exchanges and the latest analysts' reports

Individual reports based on your own brand design

dpa-AFX videos are available based on the individual brand design of the customer. Logo, colours, graphics and fonts can be matched to corporate designs. Set to music and edited, the videos can be integrated as part of web portals, mobile applications and intranets without any further processing.

The breath of services is communicated in a competent way

The structure and format of dpa-AFX videos means they are designed to meet the development of modern internet needs both at the workplace and when travelling. The videos meet the same high quality as the dpa-AFX News Feeds: authoritative, professional, up to the minute, fast and easy to understand. Moderators are backed up by an innovative mix of graphics, pictures and films to ensure an effective and entertaining presentation of factual material. The reports are produced in compact format with a length of between one and two minutes. Exclusively produced reports can be created in any requested length.

dpa-AFX complete offer

Each trading day, dpa-AFX video package incudes a list of different formats aimed at meeting the range of investors' interests and needs. The focus is on the latest stock market reports, major economic issues and leading analysts' commentaries. The video files are available with metadata such as international securities identification numbers (ISIN) and can be linked to dpa-AFX written reports and dpa-AFX Analyser as well as market rates and charts.

Easy to understand content - professionally implemented

dpa-AFX presents economic and financial issues in a clear way and targeted at specific groups. Reliability and independence are central to our services. As part of a worldwide agency network, dpa AFX is represented in all the major global financial centres.

Quality data available on the go

Anyone interested in finance needs up-to-the-minute and independent information at any time. With the rapid growth in broadband technology both in the office and on the road, visual images are becoming more and more a part of everyday life.  Whether it is iPods, smart phones or BlackBerrys, dpa-AFX videos are also available for downloading with a broadband connection.

High click rates - longer online

dpa-AFX news videos enhance the attractiveness of news pages with first-rate reports and graphics. In addition, our video services offer attractive possibilities for sponsors. Each video report can be prefixed or appended with in-stream spots.

dpa-AFX: Ready-made-Clips

dpa-AFX video formats are created as ready-made clips and can be integrated without further processing. They also offer a quick overview of the news. dpa-AFX produces the video clips in all technical formats and adapts  the screen size and image quality to meet individual requirerments.


Top Headline

In just two minutes those interested in finance can receive an overview of the day's top economic issue, which are designed to go straight to the point. 

European Markets Overview

The latest share market report is a must for every investment advisor and investor. It covers the main market movers in equities, currencies, commodities and interest rates.

Stock of the day

We put the spotlight on the market performance of one share each day, providing facts and background information on its latest movements.

Europe in a Minute

With a voice-over-format, dpa-AFX's  ğEurope in a MinuteĞ singles out the main topics of the day – its quick, informative and easy to understand.

Do you have questions about our video services or are you interested in English video content? We are happy to advise you. You can contact us on:

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