dpa-AFX ProFeed

Real-time news for finance professionals (German-language)

You want to know what moves the markets? What company results, share recommendations or economic data are in the spotlight? dpa-AFX ProFeed tracks in real time all the key events on global financial markets. It delivers an average of 650 stories with up to 1,300 real-time news reports during peak periods as well as analysis and background information. A comprehensive German-language news service, it reports on companies, markets and the economy from around the world with a focus on Germany, Europe, the US and Asia. The service is aimed at institutional as well as financial market professionals, such as traders, analysts, banking consultants and asset managers.

Time is money

"To find out faster" is worth money in a financial market. And dpa-AFXProFeed takes the clear lead in achieving this. It informs quickly, is independent and precise in its reports on global economic and market events. As a top quality service, it provides comprehensive and detailed coverage of corporate, market and economic issues combined with multiple service features and user-friendly formats. These include analytical and informed correspondent reports that provide a fast assessment of new developments. In addition, dpa-AFX reporters have a vast network of contacts to draw on from across the spectrum of business. They are in close and regular contact with stock traders and analysts as well as leading economists.

For traders: dpa-AFX Broker

dpa-AFX Broker is part of dpa-AFX's Profeeds service and was specifically designed for dealers, who trade in shares on the basis of real-time news. With a focus on breaking news, dpa-AFX Broker reports on broker share recommendations, market rumours and presents fast assessments, for example of company figures. Planning features such as The Trading Day at a Glance section ensure a well-prepared start to the trading day. The dpa-AFX Broker produces each trading day about 150 news reports on the key factors influencing the German and international bourses as well the price movements.

News for terminal solutions/intranets

The dpa-AFX ProFeed service is sent directly to in-house systems or via customer terminal solutions offered by Bloomberg, FactSet Digital Solutions, SIX Financial Information, Teletrader, vwd group, etc. The real-time service can also be used on the internet as a news feed within closed user groups.


Developed by dpa-AFX, its categorization system allows a customer-specific adaptation of news content. The extensive metadata operations also provide comprehensive links to graphics, share prices, charts, videos, etc.

Articles – video – graphics

dpa-AFX ProFeed can be easily combined with dpa-AFX's radio and video products as well as dpa-AFX Analyser. This creates a perfect mix of broadcasting, pictures and graphics - everything from one source.

Publishing times

Each trading day from 6:00 to midnight with reports also on Sundays and public holidays.

Real-time reporting content:

  • Companies:
    • Companies from the following stock market indexes:
      DAX, MDAX, TecDAX und SDAX EuroSTOXX 50 und STOXX 50 Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and NIKKEI .
    • Other market-relevant German and international companies
    • Reports on initial public offerings
    • All ad-hoc German press releases (DGAP, EANS, GNW)
    • All other mandatory disclosures (directors’ dealings, voting rights, acquisitions and takeovers etc )
    • Original company press releases
  • Markets:
    • Shares: Frankfurt, New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Eastern Europe, etc
    • Fixed interest: government bonds - Germany, USA, EUREX, etc.
    • Currencies:  euro, dollar, yen, British pound, Swiss franc, etc.
    • Money market: interbank interest rates - Libor, Euribor, etc.
    • Commodities: oil, gold, etc.  
  • Politics:
    • World affairs
    • Legislation
    • Elections
    • Personalities
  • Sport:
    • Football: German premier league, Champions league,  internationals, European championships, world championships etc
    • Olympic Games, world champion competitions etc
    • Formula One, cycling, handball, tennis, skiiing etc
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Culture, lifestyle
    • Celebrities, curiosities
    • Crime, catastrophes, etc.
  • Economy:
    • Coverage: Germany, Europe, USA and Asia
    • Economic indicators:  Ifo, ZEW, ISM, GDP data, labour or or market reports, inflation data, etc.
    • Economic and finance policies
    • Interest rate policy: European Central Bank, US Federal Reserve, national central banks (Bundesbank, Bank of England, Bank of Japan etc
    • Wages and industrial relations: trade unions and employers 
  • Bourses/dpa-AFX Broker:
    • Pre-trading day coverage with planning tools
    • Market-moving rumours
    • Share analysis from banks and investment houses
    • Fast commentaries, interviews with traders and analysts, market technicalities
    • Analysis of individual stocks' price movements
    • Overviews of analysts' recommendations
    • Ratings of companies and bonds
    • Background information on all market-moving stocks of the day
  • Exclusive content:
    • Scoops
    • Interviews
    • Correspondents' reports
    • Insiders' stories
    • Market rumours
  • Service features:
    • Schedule: daily and weekly previews
    • Trading at a Glance
    • Financial and economic data outlooks
    • Press reviews
    • Company and industry overviews etc

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dpa-AFX ProFeed provides every trading day the following daily schedule:
(Changes take account of the switch between summer and winter times as well as holidays. All times are based on standard times.)


04:50 dpa-AFX Überblick: Unternehmen vom Vorabend ab 17.30 Uhr
05:00 Wiederholung Presseschau Vorabend
05:15-05:30 Wiederholung von wichtigen Einzelmeldungen
05:30-06:00 Pressestimmen
05:45-05:55 Ausblicke (Unternehmen, Konjunktur)
06:00-10:30 Presseauswertung
06:00 Tagesvorschau: die wichtigsten Unternehmenstermine
06:00 Wochenvorschau: Termine für die kommenden sieben Tage
06:00Aktualisierte Konjunkturprognosen für Eurozone und USA
06:15 dpa-AFX Überblick: Vermischtes
06:15 dpa-AFX Überblick: Politik
07:00Flash Aktien Tokio Indexschluss
07:05Flash Indikation DAX,EuroStoxx 50, FTSE 100
07:15Presseschau - 2. Aktualisierung
07:20DAX-FLASH: Indikation der zu erwartenden DAX-Eröffnung
07:30Börsentag auf einen Blick - Teil 1
08:00 Devisen: Euro/Dollar
08:15 Aktien Frankfurt Ausblick DAX
08:20 Börsentag auf einen Blick - Teil 2
08:30 Deutsche Anleihen Eröffnung
08:30Aktien Asien
08:30Konjunktur: Nachrichtenüberblick
08:45dpa-AFX Überblick: Unternehmen - Schlagzeilen bis 8:45 Uhr
08:50 dpa-AFX Überblick: Analysten-Einstufungen


09:00Flash Eröffnung DAX
09:00Flash Eröffnung TecDAX
09:05 Flash STOXX 50
09:05 Flash EUROSTOXX 50
09:15Aktien Frankfurt Eröffnung DAX, inkl. MDAX, TecDAX (mehrteilig)
10:00dpa-AFX Überblick: Unternehmen
10:00 ROUNDUP/Aktien Frankfurt Eröffnung
11:45Aktien Europa
12:00 dpa-AFX Überblick: Sport (je nach Terminen)
12:00Aktien Frankfurt Verlauf DAX, inkl. MDAX, TecDAX
12:00Flash Aktien New York Dow-Jones-Future
12:00 Flash Aktien New York NASDAQ-100-Future
12:30dpa-AFX Überblick: die Top-Themen am Aktienmarkt
12:30Konjunktur: Nachrichtenüberblick
13:00Überblicke im dpa-AFX ProFeed
13:00Deutsche Anleihen Verlauf
13:00Anleihen Deutschland durchschnittliche Umlaufrendite
13:00Devisen: Euro/Dollar
14:45US-Anleihen: Zur Eröffnung
14:45Devisen: Euro-Referenzkurs
14:45Flash Aktien New York Dow-Jones-Future
14:45Flash Aktien New York NASDAQ-100-FUTURE
14:50Aktien New York Ausblick
15:00Aktien Frankfurt, 2. Verlauf DAX, inkl. MDAX, TecDAX
15:15dpa-AFX Überblick: Unternehmen
15:30Flash Aktien New York Eröffnung Dow-Jones-Index
15:30Flash Aktien New York Eröffnung NASDAQ-Composite
15:45 dpa-AFX Branchen-Überblicke: Automobil, Chemie/Pharma, Finanzunternehmen,Telekom, Energie/Schwerindustrie, Transport/Tourismus, Handel/Konsum, Industrie/Metallnotierungen, IT-Industrie
15:45 dpa-AFX Überblick: IPO
16:30Devisen: Euro gegen Dollar, Zusammenfassung
16:45Aktien New York Verlauf
16:45 dpa-AFX Überblick: Mergers & Acquisitions
17:00ROUNDUP/Aktien New York
17:00dpa-AFX Überblick: Vermischtes
17:00dpa-AFX Überblick: Konjunktur
17:30 Tagesvorschau: Termine für den kommenden Tag
17:30 Wochenvorschau: Termine für die kommenden sieben Tage
17:35 Flash Aktien Frankfurt Schluss DAX
17:35 Flash TecDAX Schluss
17:35Flash EuroSTOXX 50
17:35 Flash STOXX 50
17:35 Flash FDAX


17:45 Aktien Frankfurt Schluss DAX (kurz), inkl. MDAX, TecDAX
18:15Aktien Europa Schluss (kurz)
18:15 ROUNDUP/Aktien Frankfurt Schluss
18:15dpa-AFX Überblick: Sport (je nach Terminen)
18:15 dpa-AFX Überblick: Politik (je nach Terminen)
18:20ROUNDUP Aktien Europa
18:30Aktien Zürich Schluss
18:40 Aktien Wien Schluss
19:00 Deutsche Anleihen Schluss
19:30 Aktien Osteuropa Schluss
20:00Aktien New York
20:00 Flash L-DAX und L-TecDAX Schluss
21:00 Devisen New York
21:00Presseschau Folgetag
21:15 US-Anleihen
21.30 dpa-AFX Überblick Analysten-Einstufungen
21.30 dpa-AFX Überblick Analysten-Einstufungen der Woche (nur freitags)
22:00 Flash Aktien New York Schluss Dow-Jones-Index
22:00Flash Aktien New York Schluss NASDAQ-Composite
22:00Flash XDAX - SCHLUSS
22:00 Flash FDAX - SCHLUSS
22:20 Aktien New York Schluss (kurz)
22:30 ROUNDUP/Aktien New York Schluss
23:00 dpa-AFX Überblick: Sport (je nach Terminen)
23:45Presseschau Folgetag 1. Aktualisierung
23:55dpa-AFX Überblick: Unternehmen