News Products Overview

dpa-AFX offers a wide range of financial news services.

Real-time news

Real-time news for financial market professionals:

To find out a little faster than others was always worth money - even when the pioneers of the news system sent carrier pigeons on their trips with market prices. This also applies in today's high-speed digital age. dpa-AFX reports in real-time on everything that moves the markets: including companies, stock markets and economic data from around the world. A range of financial professionals – from traders, asset managers and analysts through to bank managers – all use dpa-AFX services successfully.

Near-time news

News for websites and intranet platforms

dpa-AFX's near-time news service is aimed at a wider audience. The service provides independent and reliable information for banking consultants through to private investors and those interested in finance and the economic developments. dpa-AFX near-time news can help web sites and intranet platforms increase their value.

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