dpa-AFX radio and broadcasting services

dpa-AFX Audio is the top address for private radio stations' economic and financial news. Six experienced business editors and trained professionals produce ready-to-broadcast trading day reports on current economic issues that are consumer-focused, that go to the point and are easy to understand. Our customers include private radio stations, websites as well as radio programs offered by independent sponsors.

dpa-AFX Audio services

  • consumer-focused economic
  • human-interest stories  »from Macro to Micro«
  • tailor-made reports 
  • adapted for target groups
  • customized reports for different styles of radio programming
  • radio reports for the internet and mobile application


  • Private radio stations
  • Websites
  • Mobile telephone service operators
  • Sponsors of independent radio reports.

Transmission formats / contents

  • Ready-to-send news reports
  • Spoken program services
  • Briefings from members of staff
  • Individual formats, such as Live broadcasts, special short stories or regional reports

Technical data

  • Whether spoken, in-depth items or briefings from staff - we are working "live" via Musiktaxi or pre-produced via mp3
  • mp3 files (128 Kbps, 48000 Hz) are available via the FTP-Server ("push" or "pull") or via Email

OUR VOICES (German-language)

Do you have questions about our audio services or are you interested in English audio services? We are happy to advise you. You can contact us on:

+49 (0)69/92022-480