dpa-AFX Analyser

Equity analysis as a news feed – also presentable as graphics

When investors make decisions they need the assessments of well-informed analysts – views that are up to date, authoritative and understandable. dpa-AFX Analyser offers a comprehensive and rapid orientation in the world of recommendations of listed company shares. The evaluation possibilities are complex and feature a previously unavailable depth of information.

With about 80 stock analyses per day from banks and independent institutes, the dpa-AFX Analyser evaluates all the well-known and reputable studies at a national and international level.

The volume of metadata means that queries that can be customized and presented as graphics showing trends and potential opportunities in innovative ways.

Buy, sell, hold. How analysts make their calls?

The dpa-AFX Analyser is a news feed that includes all market-moving national and international stock recommendations. The metadata of news reports form the basis for a graphical analysis of analysts’ views. The focus of the service is on DAX, MDAX and TecDAX companies as well as the most important stocks from Europe and USA.

It also provides a journalistic and independent review of all-important studies. In addition to data such as price targets and recommendations, key analysts’ commentaries are summarized.

The dpa-AFX Analyser-Feed can be presented as graphics on websites and in terminal solutions. This will give investors ideas and guidance for evaluating current cash balances. The quality of the information presented increases the amount of time spent on your internet portals while providing an attractive environment for online advertising and sponsorships.

The dpa-AFX Analyser is also available real-time for terminals.

dpa-AFX’s Analysers' Meta data

  • Target price and currency analysis
  • ISIN and stock name
  • Latest and previous ranking analysis
  • Time horizon of analysis
  • Name of analyst’s institution
  • Industrial sector identity

The integration of dpa-AFX Analyser and use of its graphics can be individually tailored to meet the needs of website operators or terminal providers.

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