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The German Press Agency dpa is a trusted, accurate and independent provider of news with the digital and multimedia content to power the media at home and abroad. Our customers benefit from the extensive global network of correspondents and editors maintained by Germany's leading news wire. News gathering is completely free of outside influence which in turn guarantees that coverage lives up to the strict requirements of the dpa charter: This document lays down that reporting must be free of bias and unfettered by political, economic or governmental ideologies. Print media, radio stations, online and mobile communication providers in more than 100 countries rely on this journalistic excellence around-the-clock. Among dpa clients are parliaments, governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as businesses and public relations agencies. They all derive news content from the wide range of products and services provided by the dpa group of companies.


APA - Austria Press Agency is the country’s national news agency and the leading information service provider for Austria. Austrian newspapers and the ORF TV and Radio network own the agency. The APA-Group includes the APA news agency, as well as ten subsidiaries. Its work focuses on the areas of a news agency, photo agency, information management, and information technology. The APA editorial departments supply real-time news service in word, image, graphics, audio and video. The subsidiaries offer dissemination, research, and knowledge management services, as well as information technology solutions. The APA-Group targets its work towards professional users (information managers, PR experts) in the fields of media, politics, public authorities, and economics. APA fulfils its duties independent from the state, governmental, and political party influences and in accordance with the principles of reliability, speed, balanced information and avoidance of any one-sidedness and party influence.


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